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Carrot Easter Bag


Scissors,  Thread and Needle                     Yellow Cotton Fabric                       Orange and Green Fleece Fabric            2 Buttons and a Sewing Machine (optional)



Cutting Instructions:

First we are going to cut the Orange Fleece on the shape of a carrot (triangle shape)  No need to measure it 🙂



Then we will cut a hole on the bottom tip We are going to insert the green french on this later.



Now we are going to cut the green Fleece fabric to create a french for the bottom of our carrot.


Sewing Instructions:

First we are going to sew the folds           on the opening of the bag.  Sewing each side individually.



Then we will sew the sides together. 




Our Yellow Cotton Fabric is for our handle. Fold fabric on half and cut a long strip of fabric, this way you will only have to sew on one side 🙂


Then with tread and needle you will sew the center of the fabric strip (loosely) so you can scrunch the fabric. This will create your handle.


After that I used my sewing machine to secured the folds on my handle.



Now is time to secured the handle to the bag!




The last thing I did was to add a Button on each side of my handle just to add some decor to it.  You can add flowers or any kind of embellishment you like.


And that is it!  You have a cute Bag!

For more details on how to make this bag watch this video tutorial 🙂

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Black and White Perfect for this Fall!


Black and White are the perfect combination for this fall for a more settled look.   No need to spend hours in the closet thinking about what goes with what lol

You can’t go wrong with black and white!  No matter what the occasion is there is always in opportunity to wear Black & White.




This was a modeling gig in AZ with Tallgrass Photography, I had a great time!  The photographer Reanna, was able to capture me from within.

We had fun together, but this outfit fit me like a glove 😉

It was my first time wearing Stilettos!



Link of Celebrities wearing Black & White

Hottest Fashion

Scrapbooking on a Budget!

How many times have you said…. “Man I wish I can scrapbook, but I don’t have the money to do it”    I can tell you right now… YES YOU CAN!   Is not what you will buy but how you buy it.       sale sign There are so many stores out there having sales all the time.   The first thing you need to do is, Print your photos.  Then write down the themes that you will need, for example… What Holiday,  what Vacation, or simply what colors,  take a look at your photos because that will determine what you will need to scrapbook them 🙂
My favorite storesYep! If you take your time to look around, you will find great deals in paper and embellishments, be patience and get organized.   After all scrap-booking is suppose to be fun not stressful.

For example: On a budget Scrapbook adventure @ Walmart, under $.10.00 list!

1 pack of 12×12 scrapbook paper $.5.00 (it will last you)

1 bottle of Tacky Glue $. 2.45 (it will last you)

1 pk of stickers for $.1.00

1 Ribbon to match your paper? $.1.00

You can also get a sketch online for FREE!!!  A sketch is a design idea on how you can scrapbook your photos some are super simple to follow.

scrapbook-sketch-double1 sketch_12942

So as you can see it is possible to scrapbook on a budget and this items can be reused in other pages, one very important thing you need to know is SCRAPBOOKERS WE KEEP EVERYTHING, all left overs are reusable!!!

So get your Ziploc bag and save your scraps of paper and leftover stickers and leftover pieces of ribbon etc!  We will find a way to use them again by making a tag or using the extra paper to frame other pics.  You will put your creative juice to work!

Scrapbook Fun

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Sometimes we even share scraps with others so we end up with a variety of paper to work with.        Here is a video tutorial on how to scrapbook using a sketch!

I love scarpbooking

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Are you putting on Weight?

scaleLately I noticed I put on some weight and the worst part of all is, I don’t even eat that much lol   I don’t eat the pastas and the rice (most of the time).   So i decided to read more about it cause I needed to find the answer to my problem.

Guess what?  Studies had revealed that if you don’t sleep good at night you will put on weight

SleepingI’m like… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   The only time I have to do my things is when everyone else goes to bed hahahahaha….

I have always waited for that time at night when everyone is sound sleep so I can sit down and I can start doing something hehe.. Little did I know I was hurting my self and putting on weight.

back to schoolSo now that my kids are back in school I will have to find a way to organize my day a little better so my kids and I can do everything in day light.   So by the time they come back I’m all ready to dedicate my time to them.

The positive thing about this is that I took action.  Sometimes it is so easy to make an excuse for everything.  I was a mess over the summer but I will do my best to go to bed at a normal hour so I can get up in the morning and start my day fresh.

I hope my experience helps others like me to get motivated to do some changes in their daily routine.   I’m all about taking care of my hubby and my kids, but it is so easy to not take care of your self.

Here is a link about lack of sleep from WebMD

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Pom-Pom Sandals!

When my sister came to visit me this summer, she was asking me if I knew how to make Pom-Pom Sandals and I was like….  “No, but we can try to make some”  And that is exactly what we did.     So, we gather the kids and went to the store.  It was fun choosing the perfect sandal and embellishments 🙂   Here are the steps on how to make your Pom-Pom Sandals!

MaterialsPomPom Sandals by Zulema Nall

1 Pair of Sandals



Beads and Metal findingsLittle Craft Box Logo

Tacky Glue

Scissors and Plyers

materials for sandalsInstructions:

I used the ribbon and Pom-Poms to decorate my sandals I glue them with Tacky Glue.   In my case I added some Brown matching strings to the sandal so I can tie it to my leg (Roman Style)  and I added beads and the metal findings to my sandal as desired.


Michael’s has a very large selection of ribbon, beads and metal finings.  I always go to the Clearance rack first to see what they have 🙂Beads and metal findings

For a better understanding on how I decorated my Pom-Pom Sandals please view the video below.  Thanks for Subscribing!


DIY Yard Sign Project

My husband wanted to purchase some yard signs to decorate our back yard, he looked online but we wanted some personalized signs.  He came to me and asked me if I could try to make some.   He said he could buy the wood and cut it himself 14045340_10205213384292803_2095486376_oand that all I had to do was paint them…   I said Piece of Cake!

We went to Home Depot and got everything we needed to get this done!

He got the wood and I took care of the selection of colors and brushes.



First you have to pick your colors. They have such a great selection!  I picked Beach Colors.  Take your time selecting colors so you don’t have to go back and do it all over again lol

Then you have to choose the brand of paint and I went with…   Yep Behr Premium Plus!   The colors looked great and I added Primer and Semi-Gloss to it for a better finish.  The quart size is the 14055570_10205242392297985_629555228_nsmallest they will sell you so you will have plenty of left over paint to mix and match in other projects!   And last you have to choose the brushes.   I chose the $.1.99 ones they are just fine


Note: If you are writing on your signs you need to buy a smaller brush.     Can’t wait show you how I did my sings.  Here is the video tutorial.

Baking cookies & Decorating Cupcakes Event!

My husband came from work and told me that one of his employees lost her brother and they were struggling with paying for some funeral services so he though maybe everyone could get together and volunteer their time to do a bake sale to help them out.14045060_10205213358332154_1737249694_o  We loved his idea and right away we jumped in.

My daughter my sister and I baked lots of cookies and cupcakes the night before.    It was so easy because we bought the kind of dough that came in small squares so all we had to do was to put butter on the baking pans and place the squares in them and followed the instructions on the baking temperatures and times.  14074507_10205213358252152_1688867706_o

We made little bags to sell the cookies and the next day we took off to the event and decided to decorate the cupcakes there so people could see they were fresh 🙂   That was a big hit specially for the 14037694_10205213357772140_607584428_ochildren.  Everyone was  excited because they were able to pic flavor from 4 different cupcake  flavors; Vanilla, Red Velvet, Chocolate and everyone’s favorite Girl Scout Chocolate Mint.  And for the cookies we bakes, chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, White Chip Brownie and Macadamia.14037683_10205213357692138_925111724_o


By the end of the day we collected $.732.00  We couldn’t believe it  Woohoo!

The family was very thankful for all the people that showed up to volunteer that day and for all the coworkers and costumers that donated.   To see the smile on her face was priceless.



Its all about team work and that is what Floor & Décor Stands for, I’m so glad we were able to be part of this.



Making a Quilt?

First of all let me just tell you, is not easy lol   I had a great time visiting stores and learning about the different ways you can make a quilt.   I’m not a professional sewer I’m a stay at home mom that likes hand made crafts.   I wanted to make quilts for my children so they will have a memory from childhood made by mom 🙂  579934_4081566576140_943923416_n

The best part is the gathering of your fabrics.  There is soooo many different designs and color pallets out there it’s sometimes overwhelming lol    I wanted to buy all of them but reality is I was on a budget so I played smart and I started to visit some fabric stores and see what was on their clearance rack and that helped me a lot!

Then the second step was to choose a color pallet.  I was at a store once and a lady told me that for a beginner the best way to quilt was by using a center piece.  She called it a panel.  She explained to me that all I had to do is find one that I liked and then I can buy the fabrics to match the colors on the design.   After that she introduced me to the quilting squares and OMG… I has addicted to them lol   The packs come precut and in matching color patterns, sooo  great!    So I did… I found a cute doll panel, and I started to bring it with me everywhere I went to see if I could find some matching squares.486217_4114177871402_1354019532_n

When you are on a budget it is best to do your research and do not be scare to ask a bunch of questions about the project, believe it or not the more you share your idea the more advice you will get.   I was very fortunate to find all the ladies that shared with me their tips and experiences.

Now I was getting excited.   Every time I came from the store I will lay down the panel and I will play with the different color squares and in the end I had a design for my quilt, Yay!   It is a long process but in the end it will be worth it!    I follow all the advise I got, I ironed all the pieces, I sewed my squares in sets of 2s.  and I added a frame around the panel to make it stand out from the other fabrics around it.  Once I was done with my top part then I purchased the stuffing and a full piece for the back of the quilt and sewed all 3 pieces together.

1896787_10200697450597283_368741989_nThen I choose a green fabric to do the edge of the quilt and It was done!!!!

I was so proud of my quilt and it was very simple but it was all mine and to see my daughter’s reaction when I gave it to her was the best part.    I guess what matters is that I didn’t get discouraged about not knowing what to do or how to get started, this project was fun and even though it took me some time to finish it, now I can say I’ve done it!

In our Little Craft Box group we have so many talented ladies willing to help to guide others to achieve their goals and to finish their projects including me.   If you ever need help with starting the planning of your quilt just send me a message and no matter where you are I will there to help you out 😉

We have a group on FB

Mahjong Game Sensation!

Have you came across a group of friends talking about Mahjong?   It seems like it is the latest and must favorite among ladies these days.   I hear about it while knitting at a meetup with my Crafty Divas, so I decided I wanted to see what this fun game was all about and I’m glad I did because we are having a blast playing it!

Chinese Mahjong!

According to Wikipedia  the game is played
with a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols,  each player begins by receiving 13 tiles.  EAST takes 14.

You can play with 4 players, You start by throwing the dice to choose who is going
to be EAST.  Then you mix the tiles faced down and each player starts building a
double wall of 18 tiles.  (if you include jokers then you add those to the wall count)  If you only have 3 players that is ok, there is a variation of the set up for 3 players

East gets to choose a game type (there is like 59 diferent to choose from) then throws the dice and whatever Mahjong set upnumber it gets he/her will count from right to left on his/her wall, then hi/her will lift the last 2 tiles and that will create a stack of 4 tiles in the beginning of that wall, which becomes the Flower Wall.  This side is for special plays only.  Players will use tiles from the opposite wall to play during the game.



1.- If you get a flower in your tiles then you will show your Flower Tile by facing it up for everyone to see and you will choose a new one from the Flower Wall to replace it.

2.- If you get to play “4 of a kind” called “KONG” you will choose 1 tile from the Flower Wall to replace the fourth tile.  A player should always have 13 tiles to be able to play, last tile win, completes the hand 14 tiles.

mahjong seatingEast will start serving players their tiles in sets of 2 (double stacked).  East serves him/her self first, then the others.  East gets 14 tiles and the other players get 13 each.  Then EAST player will start the game by asking if anyone has any flower tiles, then he/her will discard 1 tile from his/her hand so that mahjong rackwill leave him/her with 13 tiles like everyone else.  He/Her will place the tile in the center of the table,  depending of the type of game, the other players can pickup that tile or chose a new one from the wall.  Some players like to put their tiles in Racks.  This works for the small american version of the tiles.

The Tiles come with 3 sets of characters and 2 sets of honors and the Jokers.

Mahjong tiles names

CRACKS or CHARACTERS,           DOTS or CIRCLES                             BAMBOO  or BAMS                               The Honors are:   WINDS: North, South,East, West                 DRAGONS: Red, White, Green. Special Tiles: Flowers and Jokers.


Mahjong-handsTHE PLAYS:

3 of a Kind is a “PONG”  4 of a Kind is “KONG”   3 CORRELATIVE Tiles is “CHOW”

Don’t worry next time i play I will make sure to make a tutorial on how to set up and how to play 🙂

This is my Mahjong set!   It’s from Hong Kong!

hongkong Mahjong SetHong Kong sets usually are very heavy. The tiles are very large. This set comes with poker chips, 3 dice, a cubical wind indicator in holder, no Western indices on the tiles, and some players don’t like to play with my set cause it doesn’t have any numbers so you will have to memorize each Tile.  Playing with this set is an experience!   (Also, note how the set is packaged, with tiles laid out flat in 4 trays. Each tray is 4 rows of 9 tiles each. 4×9=36, x4=144. It’s not hard to count the tiles when you lay them all out in even rows like this. Driving the point home: it’s important to know how many tiles are in a set when buying one.

This is the “American Mahjong” played with “Score Cards”  rules are a bit different.



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We are playing MahJong @Starbucks today

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Ruffle Scarf is the Perfect Gift!

Ruffle Scrafs by Zulema Nall

I’m sure you all know about the Ruffle Scarfs, but do you know how easy it is to make one?  

Well…  by the time you finish reading this post you will know how to knit your very own ruffle scarf  :)

Ruffle Scarfs are not only the perfect knit project  it is also the perfect gift!



1 ball of  Starbella or Sashay yarn 1459669_10200306718669229_1333700904_n

1 Set of needles size 6,7 8 or 9

1 Tapestry needle

Yep, this is all you will need 🙂


Got Scarf? 😉

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I’m sure you might be thinking… “why did she mentioned 2 different options of yarn?”  It’s because both of this yarn brands offer a variety of styles and colors, and the results are very similar.




knitting a ruffle scarfTo get started you won’t be doing the traditional Cast On.   This yarn has already a
design and you will be using the holes on their patter to get started.  I know it sounds like a crazy idea and by me telling you this it might confuse you more, so I made a little video explaining the difference between both brands and styles and I also teach you how to get started 🙂   1896774_10200732609756240_1677285910_nFor a better understanding please feel free to watch the video below or just click on this link.

Happy knitting!

Click on the video to see how is done!

Thank you for Subscribing 🙂 Little Craft Box Logo

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©Copyright 2013 Guyton Photography

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