Have you came across a group of friends talking about Mahjong?   It seems like it is the latest and must favorite among ladies these days.   I hear about it while knitting at a meetup with my Crafty Divas, so I decided I wanted to see what this fun game was all about and I’m glad I did because we are having a blast playing it!

Chinese Mahjong!

According to Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahjong  the game is played
with a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols,  each player begins by receiving 13 tiles.  EAST takes 14.

You can play with 4 players, You start by throwing the dice to choose who is going
to be EAST.  Then you mix the tiles faced down and each player starts building a
double wall of 18 tiles.  (if you include jokers then you add those to the wall count)  If you only have 3 players that is ok, there is a variation of the set up for 3 players

East gets to choose a game type (there is like 59 diferent to choose from) then throws the dice and whatever Mahjong set upnumber it gets he/her will count from right to left on his/her wall, then hi/her will lift the last 2 tiles and that will create a stack of 4 tiles in the beginning of that wall, which becomes the Flower Wall.  This side is for special plays only.  Players will use tiles from the opposite wall to play during the game.



1.- If you get a flower in your tiles then you will show your Flower Tile by facing it up for everyone to see and you will choose a new one from the Flower Wall to replace it.

2.- If you get to play “4 of a kind” called “KONG” you will choose 1 tile from the Flower Wall to replace the fourth tile.  A player should always have 13 tiles to be able to play, last tile win, completes the hand 14 tiles.

mahjong seatingEast will start serving players their tiles in sets of 2 (double stacked).  East serves him/her self first, then the others.  East gets 14 tiles and the other players get 13 each.  Then EAST player will start the game by asking if anyone has any flower tiles, then he/her will discard 1 tile from his/her hand so that mahjong rackwill leave him/her with 13 tiles like everyone else.  He/Her will place the tile in the center of the table,  depending of the type of game, the other players can pickup that tile or chose a new one from the wall.  Some players like to put their tiles in Racks.  This works for the small american version of the tiles.

The Tiles come with 3 sets of characters and 2 sets of honors and the Jokers.

Mahjong tiles names

CRACKS or CHARACTERS,           DOTS or CIRCLES                             BAMBOO  or BAMS                               The Honors are:   WINDS: North, South,East, West                 DRAGONS: Red, White, Green. Special Tiles: Flowers and Jokers.


Mahjong-handsTHE PLAYS:

3 of a Kind is a “PONG”  4 of a Kind is “KONG”   3 CORRELATIVE Tiles is “CHOW”

Don’t worry next time i play I will make sure to make a tutorial on how to set up and how to play 🙂

This is my Mahjong set!   It’s from Hong Kong!

hongkong Mahjong SetHong Kong sets usually are very heavy. The tiles are very large. This set comes with poker chips, 3 dice, a cubical wind indicator in holder, no Western indices on the tiles, and some players don’t like to play with my set cause it doesn’t have any numbers so you will have to memorize each Tile.  Playing with this set is an experience!   (Also, note how the set is packaged, with tiles laid out flat in 4 trays. Each tray is 4 rows of 9 tiles each. 4×9=36, x4=144. It’s not hard to count the tiles when you lay them all out in even rows like this. Driving the point home: it’s important to know how many tiles are in a set when buying one.

This is the “American Mahjong” played with “Score Cards”  rules are a bit different.



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