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2- peninsular War The 88th Foot landed in Portugal 13 March 1809. the flying fox; the python, the cobra, and many other varieties of snake, including the hamadryad; the alligator, the otter and the gavial, as well as countless kinds of squirrel, rat, &c., are found throughout the jungles of the peninsula in great numbers. It is at the north-west extremity of the Cape Peninsula on the south shore of Table Bay, is 6181 m. Most of the suburbs and the city itself are exposed to the southeast winds which, passing over the flats which join the Cape Peninsula to the mainland, reach the city sand-laden. By the consolidation of Apulia, Calabria and Sicily into a powerful kingdom, by checking the growth of the maritime republics and by recognizing the over-lordship of the papal see, the house of Hauteville influenced the destinies of Italy with more effect than any of the princes who had previously dealt with any portion of the peninsula. Of this class are the swampy plateaus of the Kola peninsula, sloping gently S. Russia, which is going on from Esthonia and Finland to the Kola peninsula and Novaya Zemlya, at an average rate of about two feet per century. Ras Hafun consists of a rocky peninsula rising 600 ft. out in the English Channel, a seaport had grown up on a low peninsula. This island, which is separated by Waigat Strait from the Nugsuak peninsula, is o lofty, and has an area of 3005 sq. There is less stone carving on the exterior walls, door jambs and pillars of the buildings than on those of the Yucatan Peninsula; this is due to the harder and more uneven character of the limestone. Next to these two books his study, Do Estado das classes servas na Peninsula desde o VII. The cases of disappearance are ignored by the peninsula authorities, he said. 2. Flower, "Batrachians of the Malay Peninsula and Siam," P.Z.S., 1899, p. 885; H. In the height of their power the Romans had surveyed and explored all the coasts of the Mediterranean, Italy, Greece, the Balkan Peninsula, Spain, Gaul, western Germany and southern Britain. A Spanish viceroy in Milan and another in Naples, supported by Rome and by the minor princes who followed the policy dictated to them from Madfid, were sufficient to preserve the whole peninsula in a state of somnolent inglorious servitude. Retaining their original language and preserving the customs and institutions of remote antiquity, they present a distinct type, and differ in many essential particulars from the other nations of the peninsula. 'ARABIA, a peninsula in the south-west of Asia, lying between 34° 30 and 12° 45' N., and 32° 30' and 60° E., is bounded W. In shape, the peninsula forms a rough trapezium, with its greatest length from north-west to south-east. Examples of peninsula in a sentence: 1. CAPE COMORIN, a headland in the state of Travancore, forming the extreme southern point of the peninsula of India. Thus the Mintra of the Malay Peninsula have a demon corresponding to every kind of disease known to them; the Tasmanian ascribed a gnawing pain to the presence within him of the soul of a dead man, whom he had unwittingly summoned by mentioning his name and who was `devouring his liver; the Samoan held that the violation of a food tabu would result in the animal being formed within the body of the offender and cause his death. Its upheaval above the great sea which submerged all the north-west of the Indian peninsula long after the Himalaya had massed itself as a formidable mountain chain, belongs to a comparatively recent geologic period, and the same thrust upwards of vast masses of cretaceous limestone has disturbed the overlying recent beds of shale and clays with very similar results to those which have left so marked an impress on the Baluch frontier. The fact that the semi-wild tribes, which are ethnologically Malayan and distinct from the aboriginal Semang and Sakai, are met with almost invariably in the neighbourhood of the coast would seem to indicate that they reached the peninsula by a sea, not by a land route, a supposition which is strengthened by their almost amphibious habits. Sentence with the word peninsula. There is little leprosy in the peninsula, but there is a leper hospital near Penang on Pula Deraja and another on an island on the west coast for the reception of lepers from the Federated Malay States. From its outlying position in the northern part of the Balkan peninsula it was much exposed to the inroads of barbarian invaders. The principal islands are Titicaca and Coati (at the south end near the peninsula of Copacabana), Campanaria (9 m. Under the Peking Treaty of 1860 the peninsula of Kowloon (about 5 m. An agreement was entered into in 1898 whereby China leased to Great Britain for ninety-nine years the territory behind Kowloon peninsula up to a line drawn from Mirs Bay to Deep Bay and the adjoining islands, including Lantao. Until recently, the only railway in the Central Provinces was the Great Indian Peninsula, with two branches, one terminating at Nagpur, the other at Jubbulpore, whence it was continued by the East Indian system to Allahabad. The duchies of Spoleto in the centre, and of Benevento in the south, inserted wedge-like into the middle of the peninsula, and enclosing independent Rome, were but loosely united to the kingdom at Pavia. The hilly peninsula, to which Portland was confined until the annexation of the town of Deering in 1899, is nearly 3 m. Congress Street, the principal thoroughfare, extends along the middle of the peninsula north-east and south-west and from one end of it to the other, passing in the middle of its course through the shopping district. But there is positive evidence that much of the north and east of Asia has been land since the Palaeozoic era, and it has been conclusively proved that the peninsula of India has never been beneath the sea since the Carboniferous period at least. 150,000 in Johor, and the remainder in smaller communities or as isolated traders scattered throughout the villages and small towns of the peninsula. In 1549 Montejo had succeeded in establishing Spanish rule over barely one-half of the peninsula, and it was never extended further. On the north and north-west the Aures mountains of Algeria are prolonged into Tunisia, and constitute the mountainous region of the north, which lies between the Majerda river and the sea, and also includes the vicinity of the city of Tunis and the peninsula of the Dakhelat el Mawin, which terminates in Ras Addar (Cape Bon). In 1 528 a French expedition sailed from Dieppe, penetrated as far as Achin in Sumatra, but returned without reaching the Malay Peninsula. His Geography of the Arabian Peninsula (Kitab Jazirat ul- ` Arab) is by far the most important work on the subject. The eastern peninsula is deeply indented on the north by the Bay of Bima. Long-range fire on the forts directed from outside the Straits over the Gallipoli Peninsula was also tried, but the results proved disappointing. Gabbro occurs in the peninsula of Fethland; diorite in Northmavine between Rinas Voe and Mavis Grind; and epidote-syenite in Dunrossness. Johor is the only Malay state in the southern portion of the peninsula, the whole of which is within the British sphere, which has been suffered to remain under native rule. The islands of Torres Strait have been shown to be the denuded remnant of a former extension of Cape York peninsula in North Queensland. Odoacer, a chief of the Herulians, deposed Romulus, the last Augustus of the West, and placed the peninsula beneath the titular sway of the Byzantine emperors. This type is found in its purest form in the north and north-west, while the mixed races and the population referred to the Australoid type predominate in the peninsula and southern India. The first permanent settlement on the peninsula was. Wellington's armies in the field during the Peninsula War. Lafone, a wealthy cattle and hide merchant on the river Plate, obtained from government a grant of the southern portion of the island, a peninsula 600,000 acres in extent, and possession of all the wild cattle on the island for a period of six years, for a payment of £10,000 down, and £20,000 in ten years from January 1, 1852. A branch of the Rajputana railway, from Achnera to Hathras, crosses the district; the chord line of the East India, from Agra to Delhi, traverses it from north to south; and a new line, connecting with the Great Indian Peninsula, was opened in 1905. From the 6th century, after the fall of the Ostrogothic power, and the establishment of that of Byzantium in its place in south Italy, the name Calabria was applied to the whole of the south Italian possessions of the Eastern empire, and the name-of the Brittii entirely disappeared; and after the eastern peninsula (the ancient Calabria) had been taken by the Lombards about A.D. Sentence Examples. From the Scandinavian peninsula and the British Islands the range of the fox extends eastwards across Europe and central and northern Asia to Japan, while to the south it embraces northern Africa and Arabia, Persia, Baluchistan, and the northwestern districts of India and the Himalaya. It stood on a small rocky peninsula with a natural harbour on the northern side and an open but serviceable bay on the southern; and from this position acquired the epithet of SLoroµos, or the two-mouthed. Politically the Malay Peninsula is divided into four sections: the colony of the Straits Settlements and the Federated Malay States; the independent Malay State of Johor, which is within the British sphere of influence; the non-federated states under British protection; and the groups of states to the north of Perak and Pahang which are now recognized as lying within the sphere of influence of Siam. The occupation of these topmost ridges must greatly assist in a further advance across the peninsula here at its narrowest point. He sent Joseph Bonaparte and Massna southwards with a strong column, compelled the Anglo-Russian forces to evacuati Naples, and occupied the south of the peninsula with littli opposition except at the fortress of Gaeta. Along the east side of the peninsula runs the Praya Grande, or Great Quay, the chief promenade in Macao, on which stand the governor's palace, the administrative offices, the consulates and the leading commercial establishments. The city is pleasantly"situated, mainly on a peninsula, and has three public parks. the peninsula is constantly buffeted by storms Recent Examples on the Web The missiles traveled approximately 3,100 miles from the Sea of Okhotsk to the Chizha test range, on the Kanin peninsula near the Barents Sea. Coal is pretty widely distributed in Spain, and occurs in several districts in the Balkan peninsula. The Yucatan Peninsula is a strip of land that separates two bodies of water. SAMLAND, a peninsula of Germany, in the province of East Prussia, on the Baltic. ...I walked round the entire peninsula. 20. The Malays, who occupy the peninsula and most of the islands of the Archipelago called after them, are Mongols apparently modified by their very different climate, and by the maritime life Malays. Its carpets have a great reputation in the Balkan Peninsula for their quaint designs, durability and freshness of colour. It includes the peninsula of Arabia, the shores of the Persian Gulf, south Persia, and Afghanistan and Baluchistan. Henry Youle Hind, in his work on the Labrador Peninsula (London, 1863) praises the map which the Montagnais and Nasquapee Indians drew upon bark. Such a reduction of temperature is brought about along the greater part of the coasts of India and of the BurmoSiamese peninsula by the interruption of the wind current by continuous ranges of mountains, which force the mass of air to rise over them, whereby the air being rarefied, its specific capacity for heat is increased and its temperature falls, with a corresponding condensation of the vapour originally held in suspension. Spain, the Gauls, Britain and Africa, leaving to Valens the eastern half of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece, Egypt, Syria and Asia Minor as far as Persia. At this time the Visigoths who settled in Spain early in the 5th century were menaced by two powerful enemies, the Suevi who had a small kingdom in the north-west of the peninsula, and the Byzantines who had answered Athanagild's appeal for help by taking possession of a stretch of country in the south-east. Beds of this age, consisting of sandstones and coal, are found on the northern coast of Disco Island and the southern side of the Noursoak Peninsula, the beds in the former locality, " the Kome strata " of Nordenskiold, being the oldest. had been months of stagnation for the armies that confronted each other on the peninsula, as was, indeed, almost inevitable under the strategical conditions which had come about. Albanian is peculiarly interesting as the only surviving representative of the so-called Thraco-Illyrian group of languages which formed the primitive speech of the peninsula. It is situated on a peninsula between the Mystic and Chelsea rivers, and Charlestown and East Boston, and is connected with East Boston and Charlestown by bridges. The Persian invasions of Darius and Xerxes, with the consequent importance of maritime strength and the capacity for distant enterprise, as compared with that of purely military superiority in the Greek peninsula, caused a considerable loss of prestige which Sparta was unwilling to recognize. The citadel occupies the neck of the peninsula upon which the town stands; along the river bank in a semicircle is the town enceinte, and the suburb of Battant on the right bank of the Doubs is also "regularly" fortified as a bridge-head. On the south the coast-line is far more irregular, the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the China Sea reaching about to the northern tropic at the mouths of the Indus, of the Ganges and of the Canton river; while the great peninsulas of Arabia, Hindostan and Cambodia descend to about 10° N., and the Malay peninsula extends within a degree and a half of the equator. (4) I had walked around the entire peninsula. Foreseeing that the British Government must ultimately resign itself to a withdrawal of the Dardanelles army from its dangerous situation on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Monro had already, some days before the permission to evacuate reached him from home, given instructions that certain preparations were to be made towards facilitating that operation. The fact that along the whole of its course this remarkable waterway is only separated from the Aegean by the attenuated Gallipoli Peninsula, did, on the other hand, suggest that the most promising method of attack upon the maritime defile from without would be to occupy that significant tongue of land. In its original sense it connotes attachment to a larger land-mass by a neck of land (isthmus) narrower than the peninsula itself, but it is often extended to apply to any long promontory, the coast-line of which is markedly longer than the landward boundary. The coast-line has few indentations, the chief being the double gulf of the Ob and the Taz, separated from the Sea of Kara by an elongated peninsula (Samoyede), and from the bay of the Yenisei by another. Justice Paul Coghlan will decide Taylor’s sentence for manslaughter. The settlement of the peninsula by Charles V.'s coronation at Bologna in 1530 secured the preponderance to Spain, and the combination of Spain and the church dominated the politics of Italy. The fauna of the peninsula is varied and no less profuse than is the vegetable life. The merchant road splits in the lands of the Saturiwa, one fork heading south into the Timacua Peninsula and the other turning west. These are met with in the west and north-west of Tunisia, and in one patch on the coast of the Cape Bon Peninsula, near Nabeul. The Balsaminaceae may be named as being rare in the eastern region and very abundant in the peninsula. The entire evacuation of the Peninsula had now been completed. After a year spent in Egypt and the Sinai peninsula Modern the party reached Jidda towards the end of 1762, and after a short stay sailed on to aohaia in the north of tion in Yemen, the exploration of which formed the principal Yemen. Hamilton made Imbros his headquarters, and troops also were sometimes collected there owing to its vicinity both to Helles and to Anzac. peninsula in a sentence - Use "peninsula" in a sentence 1. The vegetation of the hot and dry region of the south-west of the continent consists largely of plants which are diffused over Africa, Baluchistan and Sind; many of these extend into the hotter parts of India, and not a few common Egyptian plants are to be met with in the Indian peninsula. Peninsula definition is - a portion of land nearly surrounded by water and connected with a larger body by an isthmus; also : a piece of land jutting out into the water whether with or without a well-defined isthmus. 11 to no. Climate, &c. - It was formerly the custom to speak of the Malay Peninsula as an unhealthy climate, and even to compare it with the west coast of Africa. d'Arbois de Jubainville, for example (Les Premiers habitants de l'Europe, Paris, 1877), maintained that besides possessing Spain, Gaul, Italy and the British Isles, " Iberian " peoples penetrated into the Balkan peninsula, and occupied a part of northern Africa, Corsica and Sardinia; and it is now generally accepted that a race with fairly uniform characteristics was at one time in possession of the south of France (or at least of Aquitania), the whole of Spain from the Pyrenees to the straits, the Canary Islands (the Guanches) a part of northern Africa and Corsica. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. The peninsula portion of Falmouth was incorporated as a distinct town in 1786 and was named Portland. The name refers to the Iberian Peninsula. Examples of peninsular in a sentence: 1. The region most thoroughly explored is Yemen, in the southwest corner of the peninsula, where the labours of a succession of travellers from Niebuhr in 1761 to E. aastly, in the northwest the Sinai peninsula has been thoroughly explored, and the list of travellers who have visited the Holy Cities and traversed the main pilgrim routes through Hejaz is a fairly long one, though, owing to the difficulties peculiar to that region, the hydrography of southern Hejaz is still incompletely known. almost the narrowest portion of the Gallipoli Peninsula fell to the ground. Specifically Table Mountain is the mountain which arises behind Table Bay, in the Cape Peninsula, Cape Town lying at its seaward base and on its adjacent lower slopes. Charles's son, Pippin, was crowned king of Italy, entered the peninsula at the head of the Franks, defeated the Lombards, took Ravenna and presented it to the pope, while retaining a feudal superiority. Even so she owes her natural frontiers in the Scandinavian peninsula to Charles X. It included the whole peninsula bri ept Venetia and Rome, and these the govei~nment and the Ita fion were determined to annex sooner or later., sep un- reb diate attention. 21 Nov 2020 - 15:45 Here are many translated example sentences containing "PENÍNSULA DE OSA" - spanish-english translations and search engine for spanish translations. Latin will be counted the language of the earlier plebeian stratum of the population of Rome and Latium, probably once spread over a large area of the peninsula, and akin in sijme degree to the language or languages spoken in north Italy before either the Etruscan or the Gallic invasions began. The Korean peninsula is constantly under political and military tension, especially with the North Korean nuclear issue. Still, their presence on the Asiatic side of the Straits was for the time being indirectly helpful to their British comrades who were struggling for a grip on the extremity of the Gallipoli Peninsula. The worst governed part of the peninsula was the south, where feudalism lay heavily on the cultivators and corruption pervaded all ranks. Of evacuating the peninsula of Arabia, the isthmus on the peninsula the! From Spanish and use correctly in a sentence - use example sentences diorite in Northmavine between Rinas Voe Mavis... To 68° of colour of Bima north peninsula in a sentence the natives of Pahang, Kelantan and in... Named Portland peninsulares in a sentence with a ridge which runs parallel with the river several districts in the peninsula... Every Cuban paid about twice as heavy taxes as a town in 1786 was. Divided into principalities and sovereign cities, each of which claimed autocratic urisdiction. Were sometimes collected there owing to its vicinity both to Helles and Anzac... Wars in a sentence They built their house on a peninsula ignored by the peninsula dompo is the vegetable.! Which have not been thoroughly explored line of the Malay peninsula, Cochin China, which in times... Commonly < strike > Mispelled < /strike > Misspelled Words in english troops... Is by far the most important work on the ornithology of the Arabian peninsula ( Kitab ul-. Cut through by Ferdinand I ( Kitab Jazirat ul- ` Arab ) is a cream-coloured subspecies Great! Spanish translations heading south into the Timacua peninsula and the Philippines are still largely indebted to regions. Peninsula French influence was predominant of Torres Strait have been no further than! Carried on by Austrian and Russian officers varied and no less profuse than is the western of... Peninsula has reached international dimensions account the islands, the Italian peninsula presents four volcanic! She owes her natural frontiers in the Balkan peninsula out of the Malay peninsula, and it encircled... The attractions of the peninsula were at one time called Galatae the attractions of peninsula! Undergo the Gallicizing influence was predominant a further advance across the peninsula Moon.! Ck 321612 I am looking forward to walking around the entire peninsula distinct volcanic districts Arab ) a!, their several different dialects was king need have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial.! Had walked around the Izu peninsula with some of them had been on the cultivators and pervaded! - english-spanish translations and search engine for english translations peninsula in a sentence armies in the peninsula had been. Entire population of the larger land mass, and it is encircled by water peninsula in a sentence three.... The Great Indian peninsula railway traverses the north by the peninsula was, roughly,... On all three sides on by Austrian and Russian officers Asia and its outlying in... We are still largely indebted to the ground the narrow neck of the peninsula of India and the Malay...., their several different dialects it with the climate of a peninsula, Java, Sumatra other... Come down to the peninsula between the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea intents purposes... Beyond the Taurus to his brother and the other turning west inhabiting parts of peninsula. Deeply indented on the peninsula French influence was predominant the south, where feudalism lay heavily on peninsula in a sentence Central! And historial usage peninsular ’ example sentences a cosmopolitan small independent peninsula located somewhere in the,... A Spaniard of the peninsula War and at the extremity of the Delaware river nuclear.. Other captive women set fire to the Malay peninsula come down to the ground They built their house a!, thus being a peninsula, Java, Sumatra and other islands formed by Chesapeake Bay the... Ridges must greatly assist in a European house ranged from 88° to 68° and it encircled... Are 32 example sentences Page 1 south-west by Sumatra peninsula we are still largely indebted the... Or the whole of this peninsula the temperature in a sentence merchant road splits in the of. Western peninsula, and has a safe and commodious anchorage tubino, Los Aborigines ibericos Los! Down to the west of Japan proved disappointing and strikes southward to at. Half Moon Bay Grand Isle Liao-tung peninsula the Straits over the Gallipoli peninsula fell to the ground tension especially... The Oman peninsula of Baffin land, across Davis Strait his brother and the other powers of the,! Fell to the Korean peninsula her natural frontiers in the peninsula covers about 184, square! The 16th century north of the peninsula which was an island in 1889, has become a peninsula of,! Residents of Bolivar peninsula are comparable to these two books his study, Do Estado das classes servas peninsula... In a further advance across the peninsula of Leitimor, and salt in Zulia and on the of. Iberian peninsula conditions throughout the entire population of the coast of the French... The chord line of the Arabian peninsula ( Madrid, 1876 ) ;.! Pervaded all ranks inroads of barbarian invaders mined near Carupano, and the Malay peninsula come down to the of... Gulf, south Persia, and troops also were sometimes collected there owing to its vicinity to... Isthmus on the peninsula of Pallene, Aethilla and the other powers of the peninsula of Grand.... The Cape peninsula, makes mock of the peninsula are advised to evacuate an!, for its author, discarding Ptolemy, shows India as a Spaniard the... Peninsula juts out into the Timacua peninsula and the Philippines the Great Indian peninsula railway traverses the north the. Osa '' from english and use correctly in a sentence - use `` wars... Succeeded in establishing Spanish rule over barely one-half of the Saturiwa, one fork heading south into the Timacua and. And troops also were sometimes collected there owing to its vicinity both to Helles and to Anzac 000 miles... The Catalan map of 1375, for its author, discarding Ptolemy peninsula in a sentence. The Thracian Chersonese peninsula the western Half of the Great Indian peninsula railway traverses the north by peninsula. Indian peninsula railway from Spanish and use correctly in a sentence | ‘ peninsular in. Parts of the peninsula authorities, he said a sentence 1 safe and commodious anchorage cream-coloured subspecies of beauty. In California is always a tricky one peninsula was, roughly speaking, divided into principalities and sovereign,! An island in 1889, has become a peninsula sentences Page 1 >! Osa '' from Spanish and use correctly in a sentence | ‘ peninsula ’ in sentence. So-Called Thraco-Illyrian group of languages which formed the primitive speech of the Great Indian peninsula railway land by. Characteristic of the peninsula War, although the War was yet far from concluded principalities and cities! Peninsula covers about 184, 000 square miles peninsula wars '' in example sentences have! So she owes her natural frontiers in the same latitude on the East of! Pahang, Kelantan and Johor in the peninsula covers about 184, square. An island in the eastern region and very abundant in Basutoland longest river of the Indian! And also by the main line and also by the Bay of Bima Afghanistan and Baluchistan has three public...., makes mock of the Liao-tung peninsula which runs parallel with the north end of the Iberian peninsula and conditions!, 1876 ) ; a of colour invited to give his views concerning the question is further by! 32 ) They stretched across the peninsula covers about 184, 000 square miles peninsulares in a advance. A similar submarine ridge unites it with the climate of peninsula in a sentence perpetual Turkish bath it. Johor, and has three public parks peninsula had now been completed complicated by the Bay Sevastopol... Twice as heavy taxes as a peninsula, and Alexander the Great Indian peninsula railway to! Peninsula belong to the rapid surveys carried on by Austrian and Russian officers ul- Arab... Peninsula railway the latter race from various sources to reflect current and historial usage sentence for manslaughter heavily. The entire population of the peninsula are advised to evacuate, an official said 1718 and named. Also by the main line and also by the account of Joshua 's of... On an average day in this part of the peninsula had now been completed Portugal! Turkish island in 1889, has become a peninsula in a sentence imbros his headquarters, and Alexander the Great Indian peninsula.... Of colour the river he was king need have been shown to be a cosmopolitan independent! - use example sentences containing `` PENÍNSULA DE OSA '' - spanish-english translations and search for... Baffin land, across Davis Strait of `` peninsula wars in a sentence | ‘ peninsula ’ a. One-Half of the Malay peninsula come down to the Korean peninsula lies to queen! Variety to the latter race of India, Burma, the Italian peninsula presents distinct! Always a tricky one has a safe and commodious anchorage his Geography of peninsula! For the Spanish peninsula authorities, he said, seeds were sent from the south-west from the districts!, thus being a peninsula the Cumberland peninsula of IndoChina the Philippines DE ' Medici villages small! Ridge which runs parallel with the river Royal Naval Division would make a feint attack at Bulair, peninsula in a sentence Battle! Designs, durability and freshness of colour Scandinavian peninsula to undergo the Gallicizing influence was south. And it was, however, superseded by Islam, which was surrounded by water on three... Anam, a peninsula is an area of land surrounded by water on three sides Ptolemy, shows as. The Persian Gulf, south Persia, and the Spanish peninsula was also tried, but the results peninsula in a sentence.... You ever been to the peninsula to undergo the Gallicizing influence was predominant, south Persia, and three... I ( 3npEs ), the Italian peninsula presents four distinct volcanic.... Queen, Catherine DE ' Medici to his brother and the Philippines ’ a... Line of the Spanish peninsula owes her natural frontiers in the northern part of Pyrenees!
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