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Sugar Skull Photoshoot

I was invited to be part of a great event in Houston Texas, the Sugar Skull Photoshoot.  It was an amazing experience from the moment I arrived at Hilton Americas 10457766_790325754336213_1759771308157846742_nHotel to get my make up done by Kim Maracchini.  She is such a wonderful Makeup Artist.  She has done so many amazing fashion shows…  I was very excited when I got booked with her for this makeup session.   Kim has a school/spa in Collage Station in Texas.  She is a very hard working mother and wife!


For more photos about her work please visit this link, you will be amazed!


Makeup by Kim Maracchini & Company


10689950_778599572175498_2984087825625988823_nWorking on this photo session was a lot of fun.  I got to meet with several photographers from Houston and near by cities.

These photos were taken at the University of Houston in Downtown.  This photo was taken by no other then Richard Priest.

10696442_778981992137256_7542421953228093307_nThe more you work the more you understand the art of modeling.  Everyone has this idea of Modeling being an easy job but in reality you spend hours and hours prepping, then comes the make up, wardrobe, location and set up, the selection of models and finally the photo session begins.   Sometimes weather is in our favor and sometimes you just have to deal with it.   In this particular shoot it was 100 degrees out and we had to just act like we were in this tropical weather having a great time.  Every time they rotate models it will give you some time to rest and get in the shade fix your makeup and hair and you will do it all over again.

I have to admit, you have to really like this job to enjoy it.   And having to work with a group of wonderful individuals is a blessing.   It makes the job easier.


As woman we have so many fears, we are always worried about how we look and we often forget that we are beautiful just the way you are.   There is an opportunity for each one of us in this profession….

Yes!  I know sometimes we come across some photographers that have their preferences but Hey, you do your thing and you will shine!

We are all different shape, size, race, culture but in the end we are all women, mothers, daughters, sisters, wifes, business women and we are strong individuals!

When I got to location I didn’t know what was going to happen I wasn’t sure they will pick me but I did the job as hard as anyone else there and as you can see on this photographs the hard work paid off.

For more pics visit me on FB

Zulema Nall Sugar Skull Photoshoot

Special thanks to Richard Priest, John Hege, Edwin Kiddo Soriano for the wonderful photographs!

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Sugar Skull “Day Of The Dead” Makeup

For all of you Divas out there I have the perfect makeup tutorial…  Sugar Skull Glitter Makeup!   This is a fun and fancy style.  Great for a Party.  I searched in the Internet and I 12036546_10203725637300058_2068743541900664186_nfound so many different tutorials but I has looking for something more me lol  I needed more bling.  So I went to the local craft store and I started looking into the glitters for the perfect color and then I went to the floral department and I looked to see if they had any glitter feathers to match and what do you know they had the perfect match.

Beauty Note: For this Sugar Skull Makeup you will need to use a  Face Primer to protect your skin.


1 bottle of Glitter (on your favorite color)

1 or 2 Glitter feathers (matching color)

1 Set of Glitter Eye Lashes

1 Tube of White Body paint

1 Tube of Black Body paint

1 Glue Stick

1 Facial brush    1 Black liquid Eye Liner   1 pack of Rhinestones  Tweezers & Takie GlueLittle Craft Box Logo

1.-  Apply the facial primer all over your face
2.- Apply the White Body Paint all over your face and neck
3.- Apply the Black Body Paint around your eyes, nose tip, lips and neck area.
4.- Apply the Glitter Over the black part on your eyes and lips
5.- Apply with Glue the Rhinestones above eye brows with a design you like
6.- Use the Eye Liquid Liner to draw the lines and design on each side of your mouth and chick bones
7.- If you want you can draw the little leafs on your forehead
8.- Embellish your eyes with some Glitter Eyelashes and your hair with Glitter feathers or accessories.

For details on how to apply this make up click on the video or link below 🙂



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