I always have been the type of woman that likes to make a statement, always choosing loud colors and styles for my clothes and matching my nail is a must 🙂

My favorite place here in Katy Texas is Davi Nails They have all types of designer nail tips, bling embellishments and if they don’t have way you want the artist in this nail salon will free hand any style!  Love this place!!!






Then all other special days…  I get my nails done every 2 weeks religiously lol.  Absolutely Love getting my nails done at Davi Nails, they give the best massages 🙂





And lets not forget to include your little matching toes 🙂

Here is the PDF file with all the locations around the US areas visit Davi Nails!




Carrot Easter Bag


Tamales Mexicanos aka Chuchitos Guatemaltecos


  1. Love Powder nails

  2. Jeannette

    Super cool designs!!

  3. jessica blackburn

    love these designs!! i might give one a try!

  4. linda gonzales

    i’m not the type of women that goes for bright colors but the teel with chevron lines might just change my mind.

  5. Thanks Jeannette

  6. I’m glad you liked them Jessica!

  7. yes Chevron are very popular 🙂

  8. I don’t color my nails often but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate these ideas! I think it’s really awesome that you shared these! I love the Christmas design the most.

  9. Thank you so much Carol 🙂

  10. Shell

    I love these cute and fun designs! My fave is the teal with the cute little bows!!!

  11. These are so intricate! I never do my nails, but if I do them myself its just a solid color, or on the rare occasion I get them done I always do french tips.

  12. What colorful designs! I think I like the pink and turquoise colors the best. I’ve never had nail tips added and right now, my nails don’t seem to be doing well. They’re soft and peeling, so I think I need to adjust my diet somehow. I do try to keep nail hardener on them and if I add any color, it’s usually a more neutral color. On special occasions, I do add more fun colors. Like when I went to my granddaughters’ double birthday party, I used almost the same colors as the pink and turquoise (their favorite colors) in your photo (must be why I was drawn to it!) and alternated the colors on each nail.

  13. I don’t recommend for you to use powder or Acrylic nails until your nails are strong.

  14. Thank you, They are all fun!

  15. Thank you so much!

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