This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best browsing experience. What does the color blue mean in dreams? What does it mean when you see a blue bird? Blue jay reminds you to focus and not scatter your energies and attention. In the same vein, a blue jay dive-bombing you over and over in a dream represents something unresolved or something that is troubling you that is cycling through your consciousness. Feel blessed if you found the blue jay bird feather in your path as they are best known for a sign of communication, peace, and protection. The Blue Jay does not hesitate to go after what it desires, it beams of assertiveness and aggression, knowing the scope of its own powers and wit, this could symbolize great inner fire and passion awaiting to be discovered. Instead, take this as a sign to commit to thinking before you speak or act, and listening to what is reflected back to you. Jay McGuiness, from the wanted, is tall (over 6'), has brown curly hair and the most beautiful blue eyes you will ever see. What does it mean when you see a Hummingbird? Find a dream analysis psychic or learn more about dream analysis readings. Many people these days pick the option of suicide because they are hesitant to express what they want to communicate and hold in them forever and struggle inside. They act as a reminder of happiness and joy that is to come. You can interpret many different messages. They’re also beautiful and highly intelligent, and their complicated behaviors may actually save other birds from predators. In dreams the blue jay animal symbolism also deals with clarity – but of higher thoughts, and taking action. Communication is vital. Two days ago I pulled in my drive way and saw one walked into my living room and it was in the window and then I was talking on the phone about it , and after I hung up shortly after it was back and flew into the window and flew away. Except when nesting it lives in flocks, and the birds will often fly across a clearing one at a time, in single file, giving their low shook-shook calls as they swoop up to perch in a tall pine. Are you prepared to see Him? Prepare to have your mind blown. Some calls can be clearly traced down to the song they are mimicked from (Kroodsma, 2005). If you spot a butterfly or you feel that you need it in your life could mean the you need a change in your life. In most cases, this condition is benign. PODCAST BLOG POST So there it was, just sitting on the sidewalk, when I was taking out the garbage; this small bright, iridescent blue jay feather. The Blue Jay is actually the opposite of the Red Cardinal, they are both liken to appearances yet they are both very different. When you see a bluebird, you have to open your heart and to hear all beautiful things that a bluebird may tell you. If a blue jay appears to you in a dream, it might be a sign that you are conspicuous; others notice what you do and say. When You See a Blue Jay. What Does It Mean When A Blue Jay Comes To Visit? He is easily the most attractive man on the planet. Your email address will not be published. Better still, Blue Jay shows you how to use resourcefulness as an adaptive tool. When You See a Blue Jay. This bird is the color of communication, a blue color matching the throat chakra. How you go about finding the meaning of the message all depends on how you interpret it. If you dream of a Blue Jay flying, it means that you need to get rid of some negative thoughts that have been bothering you for quite some time. Discover you dream meanings with blue jay. What does mean when you see a bluejay Its some type of sign the spring is on the way? The blue jay is connected with the throat chakra (see also here), which is all about communication, both verbal and non-verbal. What Does the Bible Say About the Blue Jay. It is vital to interpret the message carried by this little bird. There’s more to your dreams than you think! Become an Affiliate. Blue jays are more than a spiritual animal totem or a meaningful symbol of beauty commonly found in nature. The Blue Jay often modulates its repertoire calls in order to mimic the sounds of other birds. Now that you know what does it meant when you see a Blue Jay bird both in real life and in your dreams, you can easily whether or not you have any of its unique traits. The new life that returns each spring following the cold dark winter is one such sign. Be tender with yourself and attentive to your own care. This species has great integrity and could speak out loud even though they don’t possess a great voice. Blue jays are able to make homes almost anywhere, making it a symbol of resourcefulness. When you need to establish strong boundaries, or just need strength, call upon your blue jay totem animal, and they will give you all of the encouragement you need. Blue Jay is one of the most colorful birds that have a typical appearance and song. A totem animal is an animal you are drawn to and perhaps you surround yourself with. However, what is the biblical meaning of seeing a Blue Jay? They are even known to make noise to scare predators away by using their beaks to hammer on trees, like a woodpecker. Every morning when I'm at work there are 3 black crows right outside the door. How you go about finding the meaning of the message all depends on how you interpret it. Those who claim blue jay as their totem may act just like blue jay. When you have a platform, what you do and say reverberates louder and farther than the actions and words of someone who doesn’t have a platform. With careful reflection and analysis, you may be able to identify the unresolved issue(s) or a person who has troubled your subconscious and take action to resolve the issue. If you see a blue jay around your house it could be a sign that evil and/or jealous people are praying against you in a bad manner. That’s why a dream analysis reading can get to the bottom of your dreams and discover what they have to say about your past, present, and future. Perhaps digging deep into the life of these magical … There are several aspiring attributes to the blue jay bird and showing those attributes in our day to day life is sure to bring in good luck in any circumstances. Along the way, Blue Jay Spirit will make you aware of, and protect you from, negative energies that could derail your adventure. Confidential and secure, real psychics, accurate predictions, 100% guaranteed. The spiritual importance of the bluebird is attached to the spreading of joy and happiness. Like Blue Jays, the Steller’s Jay is fiercely territorial, killing (and sometimes eating) smaller birds that “trespass” what it deems to be its “property”, so most Dark-Eyed Juncos (and other smaller birds) know to flee when a Steller’s Jay threateningly appears. The classic Blue Jay call up close and very loud with my external microphone. Too bad; if it needs to be said, then say it. They build complex social systems and maintain close family bonds, often mating for life. I also happen to believe that God has placed signs in nature to remind us and give us hope that this life is not all that there is. If you can help it, do not allow yourself to be taken over by fear. Blue jays are lazy, steal, take from others for their own good.